Real-world effects of upgrading graphics card

The Problem

My primary desktop machine at home is a Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p (quick specs: i7-2600 CPU, 16 GB RAM, & Intel® HD Graphics 2000 graphics)

I'm not a big PC gamer, but even for everyday tasks this graphics processor was extremely unsatisfactory: it would choke and sputter while trying to run the UberNES screensaver, and throw various errors while trying to edit videos in HitFilm Express.


The Solution

To solve these problems, I ordered a GeForce GT 1030 for $70 off Amazon. Keep in mind this is not a high-end graphics card (specs are here) - it's actually at least few years/generations behind.

The primary reason I chose this card is because my ThinkCentre only has a 280 watt PSU, and the GT1030 only uses 30 watts of power. So no PSU replacement required, which saves $50.


I benchmarked using the free Unigine Heaven





It addition to going from an abysmal 5.1 FPS to a more respectable 46.6, all of the aforementioned errors went away.

I did have to change the UberNES graphics mode from GDI to DirectX before seeing the maximum improvement.